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Deeply held insights

and principles.

One who has no morals, has no knowledge.

A Business that is not built on morals and ethics is fragile and liable to distortion. Knowledge will come in a way or another, but if it came in a corrupted environment, it won’t function as it must do.

Success comes with a paycheck.

What every player needs to understand is that persistence sometimes is more important than skills and with great successes comes great sacrifices.

Time is not gold, it’s much more expensive.

Today is never like tomorrow or the next year. Things are always changing and evolving, so you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment. Just start now.

For every problem there is a solution and an IDEAL solution.

Problems are not as important as your attitude toward them. All problems have solutions that might come to our mind when we start thinking, but we always seek the perfect solution, the one that leaves no trace to the problem, we solve the problem at its roots because we don’t accept half-solutions.

The necktie suffocate only the one who wears it.

Formality doesn’t require seriousness and high towers. True leadership success means creating a team of leaders who are never afraid of bringing you their problems.

Problems are not stop signs.

Problems are not a sign of failure, rather a tool for assessing the situation and gaining more experience. So we dig for all the possible problems before launching any solution, to ensure that every feature in the product works well.

Sailing against the wind.

It is not reasonable to follow the common practices if you find it out of logic. Certainly what works for others won’t necessarily work for you. The environment in which the theory works is different. The team that will implement this theory is different. So it’s better to draw your way, even if it’s against the flow.


Freedom comes with responsibility, and limitation is the first enemy of capabilities. Every team’s player should have the permission to do what he thinks best. A culture of freedom makes them feel okay with mistakes and never satisfied with anything less than innovation.

Leadership is for everyone.

Every team member in Baianat is a decision maker, which means everyone is a core player and a leader when the leader is absent. Because we are working as one towards achieving one goal.

There is no stupid question, but there is a stupid answer.

Any question that comes out of the someone’s mouth is a result of thinking and analysis of the situation through his personal perspective, and mocking his question is meant to mock this person’s decency, and this is not true at all and should not be the ethics of any entity, the mockery is the argument of the weak. Indeed, there is no stupid question, but there is a stupid answer.